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Michael Reichert


PhD student: James Erdmann

I have a broad background in biology, but over the years my research interests have homed in on amphibian behavior and ecology. I did my master’s thesis at Southeastern Louisiana University on feeding behavior in toads (Incilius nebulifer) and have several ongoing herp-related projects. I first became interested in bioacoustics during my graduate research, which had an important vibrational/sensory dimension. Last summer I worked with the Wyoming Department of Game & Fish to develop automated call recognizers using a handy R package (monitoR) to assist with amphibian population monitoring efforts. Check out my website to learn more about me and some of my research at





MS student: Jonathan Albers

My interests in biology are in Animal Behavior, but especially in the fields of cognition and communication. I did my undergrad at North Dakota State University where I did research in Dr. Dochtermann’s Lab. In between my time as an undergrad and grad school I did work out in the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma. There I primarily worked with Prairie Mole Crickets and the American Burying Beetle. Through the field jobs and Dochtermann’s Lab I have gained an interest in working with invertebrates.


Research Assistant: Dr. Iván de la Hera Fernández

Iván has a degree in Biology (2003) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), where he also completed his PhD in 2009 under the supervision of José Luis Tellería and Javier Pérez-Tris. Shortly afterwards, he was awarded with a postdoctoral grant that allowed him a 2-year stay (2010-11) within Marcel Visser’s Lab at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), plus one additional year (2012) at Universidad del País Vasco (UPV-EHU). Since January 2013 he was employed as a temporary research assistant in different institutions (e.g. UCM, NIOO-KNAW and various NGOs dedicated to birds). He was a research assistant at University College Cork from 2015-2019 before coming to Oklahoma State in April 2020.


Undergraduate researcher: Nicole Clapp

Nicole is a Wentz Scholar working on her Honors thesis project. She is studying how the hormone Arginine Vasotocin affects competitive behavior in a frog model system.


Undergraduate researcher: Cheyenne Smith

Cheyenne is a OK-LSAMP scholar studying whether male frogs are responsive to female chemical cues.


Undergraduate researcher: Madisen Brown

Madisen is a Freshman Research Scholar studying temperature, aggression and cognition in crickets.


Undergraduate researcher: Rachel Atherton

Rachel is a HHMI Life Sciences Freshman Research Scholar studying the effects of temperature on the response to competition in frogs.


Undergraduate researcher: Jacinda Berokoff

Jacinda is a HHMI Life Sciences Freshman Research Scholar studying whether photos can be used to identify individual treefrogs.


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AJ Hager

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James Erdmann, A.J. Hager, Michael Reichert, Cheyenne Smith, Nicole Clapp