Michael Reichert

Assistant Professor

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Graduate Students

Jain PK

PhD Student

I did my combined BS/MS program in biological sciences at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali. The conservation-oriented internships which I did during these five years shaped my interests in the field of ecology. My master thesis was on the effect of anthropogenic noise in a tropical female field cricket. This was done under the direction of Dr. Manjari Jain. My current research interests are in the field of bioacoustics and animal cognition.

Himidu Pitigala Arachchilage

PhD Student

Alejandro Marcillo-Lara

PhD Student

Alejandro joined the lab in Fall 2021 and is developing a project on amphibian bioacoustics.

Phoebe Will

MS Student

I did my undergrad at Penn State Behrend where I completed 3 years of population dynamics research with spotted salamanders. For my masters, I will be working on measuring variation in metabolic rates of resting and calling grey treefrogs.

Kaleb Banks

MS Student

Kaleb will be working on a study of the status of crawfish frogs in Oklahoma, using acoustic monitoring techniques.

Undergraduate Researchers

Rachel Atherton

Undergraduate researcher

Rachel is a former HHMI Life Sciences Freshman Research Scholar studying the effects of temperature on the response to competition in frogs.

Lab alumni

Graduate Students:

Jonathan Albers, M.S. 2021

Bailee Augustino, M.S. 2022


Nicole Clapp (2018-2020) – Former Wentz Scholar and Honor’s thesis student, currently medical student at the University of Oklahoma.

Cheyenne Smith (2019-2020) – Former OK-LSAMP scholar studying whether male frogs are responsive to female chemical cues. Currently Ph.D. student at Auburn University.

A.J. Hager (2019-2021) – Former Honor’s thesis student, currently M.S. student in Department of Integrative Biology, Oklahoma State University.

Jacinda Berokoff (2019-2022) – Former Wentz scholar, currently DVM student at Oklahoma State University.

Jo Brown (2021-2022) – Field assistant and frog call analyst.

Madisen Brown (2019-2022) – Former Freshman research scholar and Honor’s thesis student.

Research Assistant:

Dr. Iván de la Hera Fernández (2020-2021).

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Reichert Lab 2022: Alejandro Marcillo, Himidu Pitigala, Jain PK, Michael Reichert, Jordan Brown, Bailee Augustino, Phoebe Will, Kaleb Banks, Madisen Brown, Lindsey Bandl, Clarissa Gottfried
Reichert lab 2019: James Erdmann, A.J. Hager, Michael Reichert, Cheyenne Smith, Nicole Clapp