I am always interested in recruiting highly motivated and talented postdoctoral researchers. I do not always have dedicated funding to hire postdocs, but when I do, it will be advertised here. Otherwise, prospective postdoctoral researchers should contact me by email and I will work with you to obtain funding. Please include your CV, your previous research experience, and a brief statement on what kind of research you would like to pursue in the lab.

There are many sources of funding for postdoctoral research, and obtaining your own funding is highly advantageous because it provides you with some measure of independence and also bolsters your odds of obtaining an academic position because it demonstrates you are capable of good grant writing. I am very happy to work with strong candidates to obtain funding to work in my group.

Here are some potential funding sources:

A huge list of postdoctoral fellowship opportunities – Not all of these could be applied to OSU, and many have specific requirements about the applicant’s nationality, career stage etc. so be sure to read the funding call carefully.

NSF postdoctoral research fellowships in biology – Including funding for “Broadening Participation of Groups Under-represented in Biology”

NIH NRSA – Postdoctoral fellowship for students interested in health-related fields (most of our research falls outside of this remit, but there is certainly the possibility for crossover and I am happy to work with students who think they have a good idea for this funding source).

We support and strongly encourage applications from prospective postdoctoral researchers from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. Researchers from these groups are especially encouraged to be in contact and we will work with you to find opportunities for you to continue your research in our group.