There are many opportunities for undergraduates to take part in the research in our lab. If you are an undergraduate at OSU and are interested in gaining experience in research for graduate school or your future career, then we would like to hear from you. Our lab studies the evolution of animal communication and we perform field and lab studies mostly with frogs and acoustic insects. Our interests range from mate choice, sensory ecology, animal contest behaviour and cognition. Much of the field work is done in late spring and early summer but there are opportunities throughout the year. Students get the best experience and professional development when they are able to spend multiple semesters working in the lab, and are encouraged to get in contact early in their studies. Students participating in research may be eligible to earn an Undergraduate Research Scholar designation on their transcript.

There are several options for supporting your research. In addition, students should read carefully the information at OSU’s Scholar Development and Undergraduate Research and contact them for advice on funding and advancing your career. Dr. Reichert is very interested in working with students to apply for funding offered by the university or outside funding sources to support their research.

  1. Wentz Research grant – Provides $4500 over two semesters for students performing an original research project.
  2. Niblack Research Scholars – Provides $8000 to perform an original research project over the course of a year.
  3. Freshman Research Scholars – Encourages first year students to get started on research right away with the support of a faculty member.
  4. Broadening Opportunities For Biologists and Preparing Biologists for Research provide funding for students from underrepresented minorities or transferring from a two-year school to obtain professional development support and research opportunities.
  5. Research for credit. Students can obtain course credit for performing research by enrolling in BIOL 4700. Contact your academic advisor for more information
  6. Paid research internships. Dr. Reichert sometimes has funding to pay undergraduate students to help with research projects. These will be advertised on this website and in the department.

Students should read carefully through the material on this site, including a few of our recent publications, to get a better idea of the kinds of research we do.

We support and strongly encourage applications from students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. Students from these groups are especially encouraged to be in contact and we will work with you to find opportunities for you to perform research in our group.

In all cases, interested students should then contact Dr. Reichert by email and give name, contact information, class standing, GPA and major, along with a brief description of why you are interested in joining the lab, any previous relevant experience and your goals for this research experience.

Undergrads interested in going on to grad school are strongly encouraged to read the advice found here.